Dolly Parton performs “Higher and Higher” & “Me and Little Andy” on Carson Tonight Show

Johnny Carson was one of America’s best television hosts, writers, and producers. He was best known for his work on “The Tonight Show” and received several prestigious awards for his contribution to the TV industry.

He interviewed several celebrities daily and became one of the best hosts. They interviewed legends of the era in a very funny and exciting manner. Recently, he invited the country music legend, Dolly Parton. This was Parton’s first appearance on the show. However, Carson said it should not have been the case as she was a very talented singer & songwriter who had won a Grammy.

He invited Parton on stage, where she performed a foot-tapping number, “Higher and Higher,” before she sat for the interview with Johnny Carson. She told Carson she could not say no to the discussion as it was her birthday.

The two legends spoke about how she would celebrate her birthday, and then they talked about her music career. They also discussed how Parton felt about getting a Grammy. Carson then shifted the subject of the interview to her native town Tennessee and wanted to know more about her family.

Parton spoke about her sisters, who she thought was beautiful and petite. Parton called herself fat, to which Carson told her that she was not fat and talked about who designed her dresses. She also spoke about growing up in the mountains and how it felt to have parents who cared for everything, even if life was hard for them.

Parton spoke about her brothers and sisters who were now involved in music or writing. She talked about her sister Willa Dean, a poet who had written a book full of poetry. Parton also spoke about why her husband never wanted to see her perform on stage even though he loved her a lot.

Parton told Carson that her married life was delightful. It was just that her husband got nervous whenever he saw Parton perform on stage. So instead, he would talk about Johnny Carson as he never missed “The Tonight Show.” Carson looked impressed and told his fan that he could roam around the house for two minutes as his wife was about to perform on “Me and Little Andy.” The snippet was entertaining, and it was beautiful to see how Johnny made the nervous Parton (as it was her first interview) feel welcome.

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