Professional ballerina’s unbelievable “spider dance” is unlike any other performance

Milena Sidorova is a professional dancer with countless accolades and is also famous for her unbelievable “spider dance.” After seeing her perform, it becomes clear why she is an Olympic Gold Winner.

As a child, Sidorova recalls being utterly fascinated with arachnids. The fascinating creatures have a unique way of moving and traversing through the world. She wanted to interpret what she saw through her dance.

In her unique dance, she displayed a performance that was a product of several years of practice. Not only was she incredibly flexible, but she was able to make herself move like a spider.

As soon as the music begins, Sidorova crouches down on the floor. Her legs and hands are spread out while her head is on the same level.

It is an astounding sight as she moves her feet and hands up and down. Sidorova’s control of her body is remarkable, and she can appear as if she is moving with eight legs.

The performance is surreal and continues with Sidorova dancing as a human arachnid. She mimics climbing a wall and moving through an intricate web. Then she cartwheels across the stage.

Every movement Sidorova makes is precise and calculated. Her fascination for spiders is shown through her performance. In the end, she receives loud applause while she flashes a broad smile to the crowd.

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