Toddler upset after learning the bacon is all gone

When an adult fails to get his favorite dish, he quickly opts for an alternative. However, when it comes to toddlers, such situations need to be handled tactfully. Since kids are innocent and stubborn at the same time, they seldom prefer alternatives if you talk about their favorite food.

Recently, a toddler boy was caught crying in front of his mother. There was no more bacon at home, which was the reason for his sadness. It was clear that bacon was the toddler’s favorite dish, and he was sad because he could no longer enjoy it.

When his mother asked him why he was crying, he replied that he wanted more bacon. However, when the mother revealed to the innocent toddler that there was no more bacon at home, he could not believe his ears.

The boy’s crying increased when he heard his mother say that he could not have bacon anymore that day. She went on to say that the little boy ate all the bacon.

The mother had bought five pieces, and the toddler enjoyed all of the pieces. The boy said he took only one piece of bacon with tears rolling down his eyes. Unfortunately, the mother said that there were no more at home.

The way the toddler boy cried for one piece of bacon said a lot about little kids. They are innocent and stubborn when you talk about their favorite things. But, if you propose an alternative, they stick to their choices.

Although the mother was strict in dealing with her weeping kid begging for a piece of bacon, she must have felt sad about the situation. But, of course, any kid crying in front of adults will melt anybody’s heart.

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