What does a grandmother look like today, who hasn’t washed or cut her hair for 64 years

No way?! How could she do this?😳

This sweet grandmother from Vietnam Nguyen Thi Dinh is already 83 years old, of which she has not cut her hair for the last 64. During this time they turned into a huge spit 6 meters long.

A woman says she first came to the hairdresser when she was 19 years old. It was only after the haircut that she started having severe and inexplicable headaches. Doctors could not understand what was happening to the young girl; the treatment did not help.

Only when the hair grew back did the pain stop by itself just as unexpectedly. Since then Thi Dinh has decided not to cut her hair. At first, she still somehow looked after her hair, but her head began to hurt again from contact with water, so that it became impossible to wash her hair.

The woman collected the regrown strands into a kind of dreadlock braid, with which she still walks to this day.

Today Thi Dinh lives in a temple in his home town. Tourists specially visit this place to see its 6-meter spit. By the way, the real length of a woman’s hair is much longer, but it is not possible to unravel them.

Thi Dinh has long been completely gray, but the «oldest» part of her braid has retained a dark color. The old woman likes to examine her braid, she says that it reminds her of the times of carefree youth.

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