Magical Ventriloquist Doll Delivers Side-Splitting Act on America’s Got Talent

It’s not uncommon for contestants on America’s Got Talent to audition during multiple seasons. 15-year-old Darci Lynne knows a thing or two about making it far on the popular talent show, as she’s auditioned three times.

Lynne is joined once again by her cheeky ventriloquist doll, Ivan. She starts her audition with a few jokes that instantly have the audience loving her act. Ivan even says he has a crush on Darci’s mom.

Before we know it, Darci says Ivan should confess his feelings for her mom with a love song. Superstar Justin Bieber’s massively popular hit, “Baby,” begins to play, and Ivan steals the show.

It’s absolutely incredible that Darci never moves her mouth when she’s creating Ivan’s voice. Whether he’s singing, talking, laughing, or even rapping, she seamlessly finishes the act. We can’t wait to see where this unique duo goes next.

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