Hero dog saves elderly owner, 81, from drowning after wheelchair slips into lake

The dog managed to save the owner when his wheelchair began to roll down the mountain into a deep lake. Harry Smith is 81 years old and the man uses a wheelchair.

During one of the walks with the dog Sarah, he began to slide into the lake. When the dog saw that the owner was in the water, she rushed to save him. However, she couldn’t get him out with the wheelchair, so Sarah began to bark loudly to get people’s attention. Edward Suhling, Jacob Chaco, and police officer Adam Doty heard the dog and ran to the rescue. They saw the dog splashing in the water, and nearby an elderly man was trying to keep his head above the water.

“My friend and I jumped into the water. Then he grabbed the man by the arms, and I took his legs, and together we pulled him to the shore,” Edward Suhling remembered. When Harry found himself on the beach, an ambulance was called for him. The man was fine, but his electric wheelchair was damaged by water. “This man’s dog was the real hero of that day. If not for her, we would not have noticed that something had happened,” said Edward Suhling.

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