Meet Richie, an exceptional Main Coon that seems to be wearing an extra fur coat that makes him look like a lemur

Truly exceptional cat 😍

Richie the cat became recognizable because of his unique color.

So, it may seem that over his black fur coat he wears another one, and it has a white color.

People on the net have named the pet a lemur or a yeti cat.

Richie was born in November 2020 and quickly rose to fame after the owner created a separate social media profile for the animal.

“We found a local French breeder who is famous for his Maine Coons. We ordered a cat from him, and we had to choose a color at birth. We picked black smoke, not even knowing that Richie would acquire such a unique color. The breeder immediately noticed at birth that Richie will be very fluffy. We had to wait four months before we took our baby home,” said the owner of an unusual cat.

Also, the owner of the animal shared that Richie is very sociable and loves to play with other cats.

And when it comes to cooking, the Maine Coon sits next to the owners and watches their every move.

“Richie has a daily morning routine of brushing him completely to avoid tangles that easily form on his coat. Once a week we take care of his eyes, nose, nails and ears,” the owner said of cat care.

Richie’s social media following hits the 100,000 mark, so it’s no surprise that he’s slowly becoming a true feline influencer: “We work with a few brands that Richie has tested and loves. It’s always a pleasure to introduce our followers to new toys and other cat accessories. We try to offer what Richie likes,” the happy owner summed up.

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