Tenant for 23 years stunned after landlord gifts her the house

Landlords are well-known for asking for more money from their tenants. But John Perret was different. Although Perret was a multi-millionaire, he was the definition of generous. He did something extremely great before passing away that shocked his tenant, Jane Sayner.

Jane started looking for a home to stay on rent in Melbourne, Australia, almost 23 years ago. She came across a two-bedroom house in St. Albans, Melbourne, which was perfect for her. Jane is 74-year-old and used to work at Epping before her retirement.

She was a happy tenant and used to give her rent in cash for most of her 23 years of stay at the Perret home. She also transformed Perret’s garden and gave it a new look. She took care of the house and the garden like her own.

She had no idea that Perret was a multi-millionaire. He never married and was the only child. Perret used to work long hours as a local pharmacist. However, he devoted himself to community activities his entire life. Finally, he sold his pharmacy and invested the proceeds in shares.

Jane said that Perret was a great landlord. He would take care of any problem Jane faced at home and regularly take care of the heater to ensure that it was in perfect working condition.

One day, Perret called Jane asking her to talk to his solicitor. He wanted Jane to give her full name to the solicitor because he wanted to leave the property to her. Perret had moved to a nursing home since he had Parkinson’s disease.

Jane couldn’t believe her ears. Unfortunately, John passed away when he was 86-year-old in September 2020. Perret also donated $19.6 million to the nephrology department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He had received a kidney transplant at the hospital and was grateful for the doctor’s help.

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