A puppy with the appearance of a bear cub was left in a shelter, but soon its life changed dramatically

Photos of animals with an outstanding appearance, which are freely available on the Internet, are very popular. This is especially true for dogs and cats. It is impossible to look at these little fuzzies without emotion. But some people consider animals with non-standard appearances inferior. Today’s article just tells about such a person.

One man made a living by breeding Pomeranian spitz. And one of the newborn puppies was very different from the others. He was born quite large and shaggy. Therefore, the man decided to take it to an animal shelter, mistakenly believing that he would not be able to sell it.

But the puppy stayed in the shelter for a short time. The owner of an art gallery in New York liked it very much. The woman took the puppy and gave it the nickname Bertram.

Now it decorates the gallery of its owner. The number of visitors has increased, for the most part, thanks to the dog, since most of the visitors come to look not only at the works of art but also at the wonderful baby.

And the woman also created her pet a personal Instagram account, where she posts its photos. Today, the number of followers of the puppy has reached 400,000 people. Everyone enthusiastically views the photos of the puppy and leaves a lot of likes and comments.

On the fifth anniversary, the woman arranged a real birthday for Bertram, a photo from which she also posted on its page.

So, the previous owner of the dog calmly gave it to other hands, and another person was able to see the highlight in it, which other people noticed.

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