Grandpa’s last wish to knock back a cold one with his sons goes viral

The photo of their last hoorah together got a whole chain of people sharing similar stories that have warmed a lot of hearts.

What is one thing you wish to do before you leave this world? We apologize for the morbid question, but it is a legitimate one, right?

We never know when our time to bid this world goodbye will come. We’ll be considered lucky if we have that chance to do one more thing before we go, as the end may come in a snap.

Who will you say your final goodbyes to?

If a loved one makes one last request of you, what would you expect it to be?

Sometimes it’s as simple as having a drink.

Wouldn’t it be better to spend the last few hours with someone doing that one thing they want to do? Rather than lying in bed waiting to greet the other side, it might be the best way to say goodbye.

Adam Schemm shared his grandpa’s wish on Twitter and it went viral.

His grandpa’s last wish was to have a beer with his kids.
You might think it’s a dangerous wish because we don’t know what alcohol can do to someone who’s sick, but if they’re in their last moments, we might as well give in.

Hours before his grandpa died, this happened:

All his children around him, sharing a bottle and a glass of beer. Their mother was holding his hand.

This post touched so many people that they gave Adam a toast as well. They did so by replying with a photo of themselves having a cold one with their loved one.

Other netizens shared the same moment with their loved ones.

It turned out that a lot of people granted their loved ones this same wish. Adam’s post was filled with replies of individuals who also shared a beer with their grandfather or father.

Some even posted that they also shared a cigar along with the beer.

Others also shared what their loved ones’ wishes were.

There’s this one guy who shared about his brother-in-law’s wish to play golf. He did so even with the weather and in a lot of pain.

Another woman shared that her grandma just wanted to take photos.

This is a tear-jerking one, too.

The solidarity of the health care workers who were there for their father is heartwarming. We agree that despite the sad event of his dad’s passing, it warms the heart when you see others care for him.

Hospice workers believe they should be honored.

It is part of their practice and a ‘key component of quality care’ to listen, honor, and heed a patient’s last wish, especially if they say they want to spend their last days at home.

Hospices are there to improve an elder’s end-of-life.

While they provide care, therapy, and comfort to them as they’ve been sick and old for years, when a patient asks to be sent home, they will most likely do so. They believe that granting that one wish is one that will improve their end-of-life.As for Adam and many others, it’s one last chug and cheers for their loved ones.

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