Father And Daughter Duo Jig To “Git It Up”

Bennie Julius Amey III, aka Blanco Brown, 31, is a Georgian singer, songwriter, and producer. He has worked with Chris Brown and Pitbull. In 2019 he finally decided to write and sing a song for himself, and in July, he produced “Git It Up,” a fusion of R&B and Country music. This song gained instant popularity, having over 50 million streams.

Brown’s song went viral on TikTok after he uploaded a video of himself dancing to his tune. Soon many other people danced to the same music, uploaded videos of their jigs, and called it the “Git Up” Challenge. This challenge spread far and wide, and one jig is particularly eye-catching.

A father, working in the Navy, and his daughter rehearsed this song well and uploaded their video too. Their moves are very adorable. Dad is dressed in the Navy outfit, while his daughter has a dark blue T-shirt with the words “Navy” across it. They both sway left and right to the gentle music, with the father occasionally twirling his daughter. The dance is adorable.

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