Dad Leans in and Starts Singing. Check Out His Baby’s Reaction. a Very Loving Moment!

As a parent, there’s nothing in the world like seeing your baby smile at you. Nothing.

The world melts away from you at that moment. There’s only that face and that radiant, usually toothless, grin. You’ll do anything to see that smile. Especially since a smiling baby is not a crying one!

This song is a sweet one – “You Are So Beautiful” – but seconds into his rendition, he’s reduced to the background as his daughter beams, enthralled at this man singing to her.

How can you tell? She doesn’t even make a sound – a laugh, cry or a coo. Instead, her face spreads into the widest smile possible.

This video is sure to make every father reminisce about their time with their daughters… or think about impending births. It’s a sweet one.

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