Dog stranded on ice for four days after coyote chase finds forever home with his rescuer

In the middle of the Detroit River, several passers-by noticed a small curly dog ​​sitting on an ice floe. He was obviously very cold and could not get out on his own.

There was only cold water and ice around him, and sometimes birds of prey and hungry coyotes appeared nearby. For four days, no one dared to save the unfortunate dog, until Jude Mead appeared next to the river. He saw the dog and began to think how to save him.

By that time, the dog stuck on the ice had already become a local celebrity, and many people gathered to look at him. Representatives of BASF Corp found out that Jude was going to rescue the dog and provided him with an airboat. With its help, Jude was able to get to the dog and pull him out of the ice trap.

The Canadian took the dog to the Woodhaven Veterinary Clinic. The doggo was found to have frostbite on his paws, severe dehydration, and pancreatitis. The dog was named Alfonso. Doctors managed to save Alfonso’s paws, and when the dog recovered, he was taken to the River Rouge Animal Shelter.

The shelter regularly began to call and write to those who wanted to take Alfonso home, but the staff were sure that his savior Jude Mead would be the ideal owner for the dog. The man was willing to take the dog for himself, and the other day, a healthy and happy dog ​​went to his new home in Canada.

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