The appearance of the baby was considered photoshopped, but when the mother appeared, the skeptics were put to shame

Well, it’s easier to believe in Photoshop, photos are no longer considered documentary evidence of events or phenomena. It’s all the fault of graphic editors, collages, and the irrepressible imagination of the authors.

No one believed in the rare beauty of the baby from Thailand, either. The followers were sure that my mother was fond of fantasy.

But when the mother herself appeared in the frame next to the adorable baby, the skeptics quieted down. They rushed to revise the footage, where the baby appears in one look, then in another.

That’s how the angel girl became famous.

Users for a very long time doubted whether the girl was real at all or drawn. But, as usual, the genes are to blame. When mom provided her own pictures, the excitement doubled, the young woman was also very beautiful.

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