Kenny Chesney Finally Addresses The Rumors About His Love Life

Kenny Chesney is a famous singer known all around the world. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, chances are you know who this singer is and maybe a few of his hit songs.

Like many country singers, Chesney has a lot of songs about finding and losing love. When he started his career, we’re pretty sure he didn’t think this would be the story of his life!

Despite being a charismatic and successful singer, Chesney has had a major divorce and several failed relationships. This has led to many rumors about his love life. But what’s the truth about his love life that he hides behind a guitar and twangy lyrics? Let’s find out!

Marrying Renée Zellweger

Most of the time, weird rumors about celebrity’s love lives occur when people start wondering why they aren’t married. With Chesney, though, the rumors about his love life actually go back to his marriage!

In 2005, the singer performed at the “Concert of Hope” NBC telethon. Also present was actress Renée Zellweger. She was apparently a big fan of Chesney’s and struggled to get his attention during the event.

As Yahoo! reports, Zellweger wanted to pass the singer a note during the telethon. She wasn’t successful, but her publicist and his publicist figured out what was going on and relayed the message to Chesney. According to a friend close to Chesney, this resulted in the singer meeting up with Zellweger after the broadcast to say, “I hear you are trying to pass me a note — don’t let the principal find out.’”

From here, things moved pretty fast. They dated in secret and then revealed their status a few months later. Only a week after that, the two got married in the Virgin Islands. Unfortunately, the duo soon found out that a relationship can fall apart just as quickly as it can come together.

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