Blind and autistic boy has unforgettable experience with store Santa

The mom was anxious and wanted Santa to be ready for their visit. But he ended up turning it into an experience that she’ll never forget.

A mother’s post went viral because it was the perfect Christmas she could wish for her son.

Most children get giddy at the thought of Christmas.

From their innocent minds wishing Santa would go down the chimney to the smiles on their faces when they see their presents under the tree.

There is also this Christmas tradition where children sit on Santa’s lap and tell him their wish list.However, for Misty Wolf, her son might not always get to have that moment.

Matthew was born blind and with autism.

He never had an idea what Santa looked like, so he never got that excited whenever they encountered one at the mall.

However, when Misty started reading to him “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Matthew grew fond of the man in the red suit.

Skeptical about Christmas? Watch the video below and let the magic of Santa touch your hearts!

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