94 years old grandma meets her grandson for the first time…

Being a grandparent for the first time can be incredibly rewarding and fun as you enjoy the joys of first steps, words, and birthdays. Of course, being a new grandparent isn’t without its challenges, from determining how much time spent together is “right” to knowing when to hand out gems of parenting wisdom.

Whether you’re actually in for your first smile or your first steps, make the most of the moments you’ve witnessed. Mark each milestone (large or small) and don’t forget to record the progress for posterity. Always carry a camera or a diary with you… and be sure to call your parents if any special event takes place without them!

If you’re a long distance grandparent, make sure you’re prepared for those important Skype calls. And if, for any reason, you are denied contact with your grandchild or become estranged from him, take steps to find out what your rights are as grandparents and try to keep all channels of communication open (if possible) to show that you are always within reach.

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