When A 68 year old woman starts to sang an old hit so the judges jumped out of their seats.

Jenny Darren is today’s heroine. She was a surprise guest on Britain’s Got Talent, and she impressed the musical judges. The 68-year old woman performed “Highway To Hell”, a song by AC/DC. The granny literally was able to blow up Internet with her performance.

Jenny is familiar with rock music in a way that Jenny can’t describe. At the age of 12, the British started singing. She grew up listening to the songs of Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Genres of applied

Pop and academic music. There are many genres of content. These include lyric, epic, dramatic, and march and dance. By performance: genres such as cinema, concert, and theatrical performance. The music genres are continually being developed and updated.

Music is an art that reflects reality through sound and artistic images. It is intended to appeal to the emotional and sensual spheres of people. Vocal art is one of the oldest forms of performing music. This is transmission.

A singing voice can convey the artistic content of a musical piece. The sound can be expressed emotionally through words and intonation. The number of singers can be divided into solo, ensemble, quartet, quintet, and choral singing.

They sing with or without an instrumental accompaniment, with or without text (vocalise). Depending on the style of performance, singing may be pop, academic, or folk. Based on the height and timbre, female singing can be soprano or mezzo-soprano. Male singing can be tenor, baritone, or bass.

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