The original singer of ‘NEVER ENOUGH’ does epic carpool karaoke

Cheryl Porter, also known as “Mama Cheryl,” created the Cheryl Porter Vocal Method. She has helped singers with her motivational coaching and has inspired many vocalists. As a result, she is regarded as the No. 1 vocal coach globally. Recently, the vocal coach met Loren Allred, a “BGT” alum.

Loren Allred gained fame with her Golden Buzzer audition at Britain’s Got Talent. However, she dubbed her voice for Rebecca Ferguson for the song “Never Enough” from the movie The Greatest Showman Ever. The talented singer met Porter for a vocal lesson while driving.

She wanted to fine-tune her already mesmerizing voice with a few tips from the No. 1 coach in the world. So once they met, the two started working on some crazy vocal exercises. The singer belted out different tunes in the car while the vocal coach drove the car around the quiet streets.

Allred successfully completed all the vocal exercises. According to Porter, most singers don’t make it to the end of the vocal exercises. However, the talented vocalist completed the task given to her quickly. She completed the 4-minute-long training in one attempt.

Allred also shared some secret vocal tips that helped her quickly hit those challenging high notes. Porter soon moved on with the Head Voice Exercise, called the “Crazy Soprano,” which was her vocal teaching method. First, they worked on the vibrato part of the tunes.

The Golden Buzzer winner greatly impacted the audience and the judges with her high notes. After that, Porter wanted to do an exercise with Allred. It would help singers like her understand how to improve their belting.

Last, Porter requested Allred to sing a rendition of her famous song, “Never Enough,” from the movie The Greatest Showman Ever. Her singing was effortless, and she did not even mess up once while they drove in the car. Cheryl looked proud of her student and enjoyed the beautiful song.

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