‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ by ‘Celtic Thunder’

‘Celtic Thunder’ is an incredible Irish singing group that debuted in 2007. Their fantastic theatrical style shows are like a musical direct from Ireland with giant set pieces, awesome lighting effects, and dazzling choreography.

The group puts us in the Christmas spirit with their rendition of the classic tune ‘It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.’ Their performance is a holiday treat for everyone in the audience.

Three men in black suits start onstage and walk around to meet each other on the right side of the stage. To the left of the stage, violinists and cellos are being conducted to accompany the singers.

A white staircase leads to a higher platform on the stage, and the background is made up of trees shaded purple with white Christmas trees lining the back of the stage.

On the upper platform, the band sits and plays the introduction to the song until the men take over and sing. In the first verse, one man sings, and the others smile at him. In the second verse, all three of them harmonize and stay in their circle on stage.

While the trio sings, a fourth and fifth man jogs out onstage to meet them. The crowd cheers, and they all sing together in full harmony. They run up the steps and stand in a staggered grouping singing the chorus.

As they close out the song by singing ‘Of the year,’ three times straight, they raise their hands upwards in unison. The audience gives them a standing ovation, and ‘Celtic Thunder’ delivers another memorable performance of a holiday classic.

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