The little boy took the stage and captivated the jury not only with his talent as a singer but also with his acting.

Think back to your childhood. Have you focused on your career? Or was your attention solely focused on toys, trinkets, and outdoor adventures? Well, if you’re that kid, every part of you has been dedicated to succeeding in the music industry. For months he trained for this moment, planning every detail in his head. Now is the time to make it happen

When adorable seven-year-old Shaney-Lee walked on Britain’s “The Voice,” he instantly won the hearts of audiences with his charm. In true cowboy spirit, the little redneck came to his audition on horseback, leaving a permanent impression on the crowd that he had already won over. Described by his mother as an “old man with a little person’s body”, Shaney grabbed the microphone as he prepared to shock the jury. His heart leapt in his chest as he prepared to show the judges the fruits of his hard work, dedication, and practice. From the first note, the crowd went absolutely crazy.

The judges couldn’t hide the smiles that spread across their faces, exchanging surprised looks as they picked up the sound of the little boy. Not only did her voice “sound” adorable, but her strong stage presence was just as impressive! Shaney sang a gorgeous version of John Denver’s “Take Me Home,” and the crowd couldn’t help but cheer and smile. It was clear to everyone that Shaney was destined to be a country singing superstar.


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