Incredible story of a dog who finds his home with Santa’s help

Believe is a beautifully made short film written, edited, and directed by Jeffrey Pratt that brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face.

It was released on December 4, 2020, just in time for the holiday season. And at the time, with many people around the world experiencing their first Christmas alone due to the pandemic, it captivated everyone who watched it with the true meaning of Christmas.

In just three short minutes, with no dialogue and only three characters, Pratt was able to express the joy of giving and the magic of believing.

The first shot is of a dog under a small shelter decorated with Christmas lights and even a sock hanging as a stocking. With a small Christmas tree and snow all around, the scene looks festive but sad as the dog is cold and alone.

The golden retriever is covered in a light dusting of snow and appears to be waiting for something (or better yet, someone.)

In just a few moments, the one and only Santa (playing himself) arrives and kindly starts giving the pup loving attention. Then, Santa takes the dog inside the barn and lovingly gives him a bath.

During this scene, we see Santa’s intense compassion for who we soon know is named Buddy. And it is so heartwarming you may even find yourself tearing up as Santa gently washes his head.

Once Buddy is dry, he gets a new collar with his name and, once again, patiently waits for what Santa has planned.

In the next scene, we see Buddy sitting in a living room under a beautiful Christmas tree. And finally, little feet in Christmas pajamas start padding down the stairs.

When the child arrives and starts petting his new Buddy, the dog’s tag wags in delight and is simply adorable and incredibly genuine.

Finally, we see the little boy opening his presents as Buddy sits and watches, and the pup looks longingly up to the sky, almost with gratitude on his face.

Throughout the film, the score ignites a hopeful and beautiful feeling and all who are listening, and although no words are spoken, the message is clear.

Christmas is a time to believe. A time to hope, wonder, and enjoy the magic the season brings. It’s also a message of the emotion that animals feel and how much a dog wants and needs a warm home.

There’s no doubt that you will tear up while you watch this emotional and wonderful film, and you may even head out and bring a dog home for your family! (Or maybe put a puppy on your wishlist for Santa.)

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