Billy Joel’s three-year-old daughter joins him onstage and immediately steals the spotlight with her slick moves

Billy Joel has developed a devoted and large fan base as one of the most iconic artists of all time. However, someone very dear to Joel snatched the stage from him during a recent concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City last year. Della Rose is his three-year-old daughter.

Della Rose, dressed in lovely attire, captivated quite the crowd as she joined her father on stage to perform his popular song, «Don’t Ask Me Why.»

The three-year-old couldn’t say any of the songs, but her adorable foot tapping won over the audience. Joel earlier posted a video of Della Rose singing along to the song.

This event was definitely a family affair. Joel’s oldest daughter, Alexa Ray, joined her father on stage for «Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.» Both of these additional acts certainly thrilled the crowd.

Joel is the archetypal entertainer. Although his vocals are undoubtedly fantastic, he is most known for his excellent piano playing abilities. «Piano Man,» «She’s Got A Way,» «My Life,» «Just The Way You Are,» and «Uptown Girl» are among his most popular tunes.

Joel’s music has influenced generations of people, making him a real national treasure. His fans are thrilled that he still goes on tour and performs his own style of entertainment.

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