Parents Let Baby Taste Ice Cream For The First Time And Just Wait For Her Priceless Reaction

This baby tastes ice cream for the first time there’s a moment of confusion over what in the world this cold stuff is. But then comes the best reaction!

As the family is sitting in their car in the parking lot, you see a doll of a child with a striped dress and a big pink headband sitting on her daddy’s lap. The mom begins to feed the little girl, Kali, a spoonful of her first bite of ice cream, and just wait until she realizes what it is!

After this baby tastes ice cream for the first time, a look of total excitement comes upon her face. Her eyebrows raise as high as they go and her mouth opens in shock. She begins to laugh in delight. It is the most adorable moment captured on video. The mother says, “That’s so good.” Sweet Kali begins to giggle in happiness. The Simple Blessings In Life Kali inspires us to try new things because you never know if you will like something until you try it out. This girl clearly loves her ice cream. The clip reminds me of the joys in the simple things in life.

This precious footage where this baby tastes ice cream for the first time reminds us to slow down and be thankful for the simpler things. There are verses all throughout the Scriptures that tell us to give thanks.

Every day is a gift from God and there truly is always something to be grateful for, even on the harder days. Practicing daily gratitude will lead to a better attitude. May we each find joy in the daily thanksgiving.

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