Father and daughter threw a beautiful dance at their daughter’s wedding. The dance will be remembered for a long time

A wedding day is very special, both for the protagonists, the bride and groom, and for the guests. Few couples dare to take up this challenge judged by the guests present, but the couple in the following video managed to surprise everyone with their dance! With perfect choreography, Kyle and his wife wowed guests with their wedding dance.

But just when it looked like the show was coming to an end, Nicole’s dad approached the dance floor and was encouraged to dance with his daughter, impressing everyone with his moves. People were left speechless! The story went like this: With all the guests present in the room, the protagonists were called to the microphone: the bride and groom, who came smiling onto the dance floor located in the middle of all the guests. That’s when the music started playing along with the couple marking some amazing strides.

They looked happy and full of energy, which of course was necessary to perform such choreography. They had rehearsed a lot for this very complete dance, with fairly correct dance steps mixed with a little humor. When everyone thought everything was already sold out, the father of the bride suddenly seemed to leave his mark on this special day, also taking a few steps with his beloved daughter. Watch the video below to see Kyle and Nicole’s unforgettable wedding moment with your own eyes.

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