Outrageous “Yardwork” Pardon Song – You Won’t Stop Laughing

The Holderness family is known for their highly relatable songs. In addition, Penn & Kim Holderness are famous for creating original music and song parodies with skits that poke fun at them.

Their goofy songs are light-hearted and enjoyable, making people laugh. Recently, the Holderness family shared their parody of what the singer Dave Matthews would sound if he narrated the yard work.

Kim and Penn have been together for sixteen years. The couple has chronicled almost seven years of their married life with hilarious music videos resulting in a million followers worldwide. Even their recent “Yardwork” song impersonates Dave Matthews’ singing style.

The couple has impressive storytelling skills and loves sharing their family’s day-to-day activities online with friends and followers. Kim and Penn live in North California with their beautiful kids, Lola and Penn Charles. The family also has an adorable dog, Sunny.

Penn compiles many of Dave Matthews’ songs. The song starts with him playing the guitar while standing in the yard. He keeps singing and does not help his wife clear the weeds from the yard. The lyrics are easy to understand and realistic, which brings the song close to ordinary people.

Penn sounds like Dave Matthews, and Kim’s facial expression is priceless. Meanwhile, the poor woman continuously clears the weeds in the yard. She also cleans the dog poop & spreads the mulch in the veggie garden as her husband sings in the background.

Kim is so furious in the end that she literally sprays the pesticide on her husband. However, Penn smiles back at her. The later part of the song shows Kim mowing the lawn with great difficulty as he sings lyrics that crack up the listeners. Penn redoes the lyrics and nails Dave’s style, making this song unique and lovable.

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