The sisters married the same man and live under the same roof. The reason was that the man could not choose between them

Three twins went on dates in the evening, and when they got home they told each other the details. Kate, Eve and Mary had no idea they were dating the same person. But the truth finally came out, and Stephen made a difficult decision: the man married three sisters at once. Kate met Steve first. The couple dated at the same restaurant for several weeks. One evening, the girl noticed her sister here too, but did not attach any importance to the situation.

Eva and Mary also saw Steve that neither twin suspected the man wasn’t being too honest. At least until the time when their stories to each other have not become as similar as possible.

We suddenly realized we were describing an oddly similar person. And to check on the next appointment, I took my sisters with me,” Kate shared with reporters. Seeing all the twins in front of him, Steve didn’t deny it. He admitted he couldn’t decide on a choice, but decided to act like an honest man. Steve offered his hand and his heart to each sister and, after talking, the three accepted. Kate, Mary, Eve and Steve live in Congo, where such marriages are legal. The wedding took place the other day and now an unusually large family lives in the same house.

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