The Extraordinary Children’s Choir had conquered the stage on Britain’s Got Talent’s Golden Buzzer

One thing is certain this was the first time the judges were so touched by a performance. It is not surprising at all because the children were strong in conveying the truth through their great show. Everyone was obsessed.

If you find yourself the talent show fan and think you’ve seen it all, wait until you meet the most enthusiastic kids at Flekeflee Primary School. What they had to show to the jury and the public in order to take the stage on Britain’s Got Talent was certainly Golden Buzzer worth, and the audience was very happy that judge David Williams thought so.

This performance was completely different. Perhaps it is the most joyous that has ever been unveiled before our eyes. The choir along with their loving and devoted coach and master, chose Queen’s iconic rock song “Don’t Stop Me” which was released in 1978 as part of the album “Jazz”.

They not only sang, but prepared a choreography that perfectly matched the lyrics of the song. By being decked out in colorful masks including the face of a judge and dancing along the stage, they delighted everyone.

Judge Alesha couldn’t describe the amazement evoked by the chorus better. You only have to glance at them to understand their message to be sent back.

And one more fact that continues to preoccupy audiences, no one really knows how something so funny could bring tears of joy to tears. When Judge David pressed Gold Buzzer it seemed like he fulfilled the audience’s common dream. He took the stage to congratulate the little winners strolling on the Moon.

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