This Boy Deserves the Gold Buzzer for Best ‘Hallelujah’ Performance

I’ve always wanted to be a celebrity since I was a kid. I used to imagine myself as an actress walking the red carpet or taking the stage to get my gold award. I even considered a career as a singer until I discovered that singing wasn’t quite my cup of tea. I love watching others trying their luck at stardom, like ‘Britain’s Got Talent’.

Plus, we hear the experiences of all the contestants as they take to the stage and perform their talents. I must say that each of these individuals deserves to be on this podium.

Today you’ll find out about a little kid who managed to win everyone’s hearts when he thought he wasn’t good enough after being ridiculed for his love of music and his weight.

Kyle Tomlinson, a 15-year-old kid from Sheffield, England, is obsessed with singing. In fact, he first auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent when he was 12. He didn’t have a chance to go to the second round at the time, but was instead recommended by David Walliams to take singing lessons to improve his abilities. After spending over £2,000 on vocal training, the teenager took David’s advice and returned to the BGT stadium three years later.

This time, he completely stunned the judges and audience with his rendition of “Hallelujah.” He didn’t just “wow” them; he conquered them by winning the coveted golden buzzer for his mesmerizing and spellbinding performance! What an incredible honor!

Kyle’s stunning and tragic performance is embedded below, and you can see the sparkle and emotion in his eyes. It’s no surprise that he got the golden buzzer!

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