The father and daughter danced at the daughter’s wedding and surprised the groom

Mikayla Ellison is an alumnus of Brigham Young University (BYU) and a member of BYU’s International Folk Dance Team. She recently married another BYU student named Cody. But Mikayla, as you will see, is not the only person in her family with a talent for dancing.

As is very typical at wedding banquets, father and daughter begin with a simple, traditional dance, but seconds later it turns into an impressive choreography. In the video that we bring to you today, Mikayla and her father surprise us with an epic dance at the wedding, which is a little out of the ordinary and will have you smiling from ear to ear. The clip was filmed by BP Film & Photo of Point Grove, UT, where you can see the energetic duo win over audiences through dance progression, with moves as fun as Hammer Time, Carlton and Dance. In fact, it’s hailed as the best father-daughter wedding dance of all time.

Now Nate has a message for all the dads out there: “NEVER WASTE YOUR CHANCE TO DANCE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER!” He also says that this prom was his chance to treat his daughter the way she should be treated, like a princess, and that it will be a moment she can never forget.


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