A 5-year-old boy plays like a pro. He learned to play from his father

Makoto was filmed playing the ukulele perfectly by his father, wearing a hoodie and sitting on a rug in a simple playroom. He interpreted the well-known theme I’m Yours, by Jason Mraz, without imagining what it would cause in the networks․ “He and I started playing the ukulele just a year ago,” his 35-year-old father said in a media interview.

“We first learned by watching a TV show, then Makoto improved his technique on his own.” He does it with such passion and ease that it seems like he was born playing the ukulele. The video became a popular phenomenon with 72 million views, but probably for other reasons․ The particularity of the video is that Makoto is an adorable little surprise box. As soon as he starts playing, you can see that he does it with a mastery of the instrument that many musicians would love.

However, when he has to sing, something amazing happens. It doesn’t take long for us to realize that the little one either doesn’t know the lyrics or just doesn’t feel like singing it the way Mraz composed it. After all, it’s his ukulele, it’s his talent, and it’s his video ․ Makoto has captured the hearts of millions with his off-the-cuff lyrics that have everyone in love ․ Incredibly, everything he sings fits perfectly with the chords ․ He’s a genius. See this adorable performer in action.


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