Tiny Singer Rocks ‘The Voice Kids’ with 1956 Elvis Hit

‘The Voice Kids’ has introduced the world to many incredible singers. In this clip, one of the youngest stars, Lissandro, attempts to pull off Elvis’ hit ‘Too Much.’ The upbeat song starts, and Lissandro has everyone’s heart immediately.

Lissandro’s family is backstage dancing and clapping, doing their best Elvis dance moves with the host. The red stage shines with flashing lights as Lissandro heats up the crowd.

He sings in a higher-pitched voice than Elvis due to his age, but he has the look down perfectly. His hair is slick, and he wears a white t-shirt with a denim jean jacket and red high top sneakers.

The judges and the audience are dancing right along with him, and after the first chorus, all four judges turn their chairs. Lissandro smiles, and his parents cheer with the audience.

He continues singing, capturing the phrasing and charisma of ‘The King.’ Two judges walk out to the floor in front of him and start dancing together while Lissandro finishes singing.

When the song ends, the judges are blown away. They are shaking their heads in shock at the performance. At the same time, Lissandro’s family is backstage, jumping and high-fiving each other.

He ends the song, and the judges get very excited. ‘Too Much’ is a number 1 song recorded by Elvis in 1956, and Lissandro captures the soul of this classic tune.

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