The Ultimate Piano Jam: 12 Pianists, 24 Hands, and One Incredible Song

If two hands can make a piano sing, imagine the creative symphony of a dozen charismatic pianists. Played by the Washington Conservatory of Music, this video from a TEDMED performance is a fantastic showcase of musical teamwork.

The performance starts with one pianist sitting at a grand piano. After playing an epic opening phrase to set the mood, multiple pianists line up behind him and continue to take turns, playing a few notes in rhythm and sliding off the piano bench.

The group of 12 musicians are wearing all black. After they all appear on stage, they begin to play with multiple hands on the piano. They lean over each other to contribute to the song.

Some pianists strike the strings inside the piano with mallets. 16 or more hands are playing at the same time. It is quite a spectacle, and the music is performed flawlessly.

Adding to the performance, some of the piano players act and dance while waiting for their turn. Their charisma and antics are fun as a few members take an extended solo.

There’s an impressive section where all twelve pianists run a scale up the piano, following each other with rhythmic precision. Then, they start sliding down the piano keys making wild sounds leading to the finale.

The music builds with intensity as all hands from all pianists are playing keys, hitting strings with mallets, and plucking strings. The fantastic performance lasts for over five minutes and is pure musical perfection.

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