Nerveless Nocks, Chapel Hart, & Balla Brothers impress judges at AGT auditions

America’s Got Talent is a weekly talent competition where several talented performers participate to win a million-dollar cash prize. These participants include singers, dancers, comedians, and other novelty act performers.

One of the video clips from the AGT auditions has recently gained immense popularity amongst netizens as it showcases impressive acts and performances from talented families. The video clip starts with the daredevil father-daughter duo introducing themselves to the judges and talking about why they could not compete earlier.

Michelangelo & Angelina, known as “The Nerveless Nocks’,” outstanding performance together on the sway poles impresses everybody. During their act, the talented duo switched poles, and Angelina did a stunt blindfolded, which was dangerous yet thrilling. All the judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara, voted “yes,” sending them to the next round.

Chapel Hart from Mississippi did not win the title and the $1 million prize in Season 17. However, the group won the hearts of millions of people who enjoyed the 2 sisters and their first cousin performing together.

The talented trio sings their own version of a song, an original inspired by Dolly Parton’s “O Jolene.” The song “You Can Have Him, Jolene” helps them win a group buzzer from the judges. Dolly Parton wrote on her social media profile, “What a fun new take on my song!”

Next in the clip are the “Balla Brothers.” The talented performers, originally from Albania, auditioned on AGT in Season 17. The expert acrobat-duo performs roller-boarding tricks on one another’s back.

The balancing act also includes climbing on top of the head of the other person. All the judges were super impressed by the excellent performance and voted “Yes,” sending them to the next round.

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