The little boy became famous due to his excellent voice and performance. Today it is heard around the world

As we know, talent does not know age or nationality. Zhurabek Zhuraev is a talented boy from Uzbekistan who has already conquered almost the whole world with his voice. Zhurabek was born in Andijan and grew up as an ordinary child.

Parents were very fond of the boy and did not think he was special. The family discovered by accident that the child had an incredible voice. The boy’s father often went on business trips. And one day, his trip was delayed. The eldest son with his friend decided to record a video where four-year-old Zhurabek sings a song and puts it on the Internet for his father to see and be delighted.

But the Internet is a public network. As a result, everyone heard the song of four-year-old Jurabek. But no one knew who this unknown “star” with the magnificent voice was, because the video was not signed. Almost a year later, the father said to sign the video of his son and give the necessary information about the little singer. Only after that, the editors of Andrei Malakhov’s show “Let them talk” were able to find him and invite him to shoot the show.

Today Dzhurabek Dzhuraev is known in Russia, America and many other countries. Despite his young age, Jurabek already boasts a serious portfolio. He is the winner of dozens of international competitions and festivals, has diplomas, commendations and certificates of honor from many societies and organizations. To give his son a good education, the boy’s family moved to Tashkent.

Today Zhurabek is eleven years old and he is already a professional pop singer. Jurabek Juraev continues his touring activities, having time to study in general education and music schools. The boy plans to participate in the New Year’s lights in Moscow. He has already received invitations and tickets. Despite his fame, Zhurabek grows up as a very modest boy, he studies in an ordinary school and does not want to stand out from other students.

He often records various cover performances and puts them on the Internet. Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You” performed by Zhurabek has been viewed millions of times. He sang it in his own style, smoothly and harmoniously. Jurabek sings in 17 languages, his songs are listened to all over the world. He was invited to TV shows by Andrey Malakhov, Maxim Galkin and many other popular Russian presenters.

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