Dolly Parton’s craziest interviews of all time

Dolly Rebecca Parton is one of the well-known country music singers who has recorded 65 albums and 26 number-1 songs. She has also secured honors from the Country Music Hall of Fame & National Medal of Arts. However, she is also known as one of the funniest celebrities anyone can come across. She can crack rib-tickling jokes.

Recently, a video compilation of her interviews with TV hosts & talking to a live audience has gained popularity for the same reason. The clip begins with Parton saying, “I think most country people and certainly entertainers like myself. I think comedy is our being. As it kind of helps you through the hard times growing up. We made more fun of stuff that you shouldn’t even laugh at. But that was the funniest stuff because we tried to find the humor in it.”

The next is a clip from an interview with Jimmy Fallon, where she tells him how she met a senior man at a diner. Unfortunately, the person tricks her into paying her bill. However, she soon finds him at the intersection of the road and questions him about it, to which the man starts to beat her across the chest.

This is when Fallon asks her, “So what happens after that?” Parton responds, “What do you mean what happened? These two big lumps came up, and they never did go down,” leaving Fallon in splits. The following clip has a young man asking her what advice she has for teenagers in the country.

Dolly humorously responds, “I would say, act like it is raining every day and wear your rubbers.” This made everyone in the audience burst out laughing. Parton is a fantastic person who lives her life to the fullest. She is not bothered about what people talk about her or what she wears. She says in the clip, “I’m glad he came out of his closet long enough to come and look in mine.”

The following hilarious interview is with Fallon again, where Parton talks about her husband being crazy about Jennifer Aniston. She says, “He was more excited thinking I was going to do a movie with her that I got the chance to write the music. I think he fantasizes like a threesome,” and then starts laughing uncontrollably.

Parton’s fans have left beautiful messages for the iconic singer and actress. “Ms. Parton is adorable, witty, intelligent, authentic, and humble. Dolly is such a comedian, she is hilarious, her timing is awesome,” says one. While another wrote, “Dolly is so hilarious. She would be an excellent comedian if she ever gets tired of singing.”

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