This family of five was saved by an 8-month-old heroic puppy that woke them up during a fire

A family of 5 was saved by an 8-month-old puppy, Anandaveli, who woke up at night from the smell of fire.

The Malaysian dog saved her loved ones from imminent danger by waking up the family and warning them of a fire that was about to flare up. Dogs are faithful guards of any home, protecting the family is their main instinct. It all happened at dawn, around 5 am.

While the whole family was sleeping, the puppy woke up from the pungent smell of smoke. The fire began to flare up at an unprecedented pace. It was then that the faithful dog decided to warn the family that something bad was about to happen.

The faithful dog tried to wake the 53-year-old mother of three, but she didn’t react at first because she couldn’t see what the problem was. When the hostess did not respond to barking, the dog began to pull her hair and ear, even gnawed at her pajamas.

At first, the owner thought that the dog wanted to drink or go outside, but when she got up, she saw that the family altar was on fire. The dog gave the owners the necessary time to grab the money and documents and get out of the house. The whole family was grateful for the dog’s heroic deed. Anandaveli suffered a few minor burns but received proper care immediately.

The local community has begun fundraising to cover the damages and costs of restoring the house. The family promised to donate the extra money to local animal shelters.

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