9-year-old violin prodigy performs Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ on talent show

Thanks to the advent of reality TV and music competition shows worldwide, we can experience undiscovered virtuoso musicians. However, no one would expect these unbelievable sounds from a 9-year-old violin student.

Soro Lavorgna is her name, and she’s only 9 years old, but she is quickly making a name for herself. Soro delivered a stunning rendition of Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ on the finals of Prodiges, a French TV talent show judged by cello virtuoso Gautier Capuçon, along with a star opera singer and dancer.

The show features talented young people in the categories of singing, instruments, and dance using classical music. In this finale episode, the French-Japanese violinist played a new rendition of ‘Summer’ by Vivaldi composed by Max Richter.

Judge Capuçon said to her during the competition, “You impressed us. You show incredible concentration and determination for your nine years.” Soro’s performance was accompanied by the Divertimento orchestra, directed by conductor Zahia Ziouani.

The other two judges were equally impressed. Judge Marie-Claude Pietragalla is a prima ballerina and choreographer, and Judge Julie Fuchs is a world-renowned soprano. Sora was the youngest contestant in the competition. She began playing the violin at age four at the Cannes Conservatory.

In five years’ time, she has become a musical force with extreme skill and precision on her instrument. She practices for two hours daily and loves to work on her skills.

Sora didn’t win the entire competition, but she was celebrated for her performance. The trophy was taken by 12-year-old ballet dancer Sacha in the end, but Sora has a bright future ahead of her.

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