Angelina Jordan – “What A Diff’rence A Day Makes”

The big vocal from A Little Lady: 8 years old wowed audiences with a timeless classic. By definition, only a few people are born with the talent that makes them stand out from the crowd. Often, it takes time and effort to fully develop that talent with a combination of education, training, and practice.

Angelina Jordan, a Norwegian girl, was only 18 months old when she became a huge YouTube fan. Her parents must have been extremely worried about their daughter’s musical talent. After all, the average toddler doesn’t get past the hits of Whitney Houston or obsess over jazz artists like Billie Holiday.

When Angelina was 8 years old, she was ready to audition for the 2014 season of “Norway’s Got Talent”. Definitely ready: she went on to win the competition.

Since winning on “Norway’s Got Talent,” Angelina has toured the world and made more TV appearances. She is also a huge hit on YouTube, posting her amazing covers and garnering millions of views. With a voice like hers, it wouldn’t be surprising if Angelina became a superstar one day.

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