This Frank Sinatra singer is so good, he’s the only one endorsed by Nancy Sinatra

This 5-minute performance brings Frank Sinatra back to us through Brian Duprey. Brian Duprey is an award-winning actor who shot to the musical spotlight in FOX TV’s “Performing As.” He won by impersonating Frank Sinatra.

His Frank Sinatra Tribute is the only one endorsed by Frank Sinatra’s daughter, Nancy Sinatra. He is now known as the best Frank Sinatra Impersonator there is. His voice is the closest you can hear to Frank in his prime.

Brian Duprey genuinely becomes Frank Sinatra on stage, with amazing stage presence, brilliant blue eyes, and a velvet baritone voice. In this video, we enjoy a glimpse of the broadway star as he takes you on a dramatic musical trip.

Seeing I’ve Got The World On A String performed in the 21st century in color by all but Frank Sinatra himself has a magical effect on a person. Brian Duprey has everything pinned down, from the expressions to the old crooner’s smile.

More endorsements have come from reputed institutions like Winnipeg Free Press. “Duprey’s baritone is a dead-ringer for Ol’ Blue Eyes.” More from the Chicago Tribune says, “Duprey’s Version of ‘My Way’ is worth the ticket price alone.”

The only thing missing in this video is that Brian has not dressed exactly like his idol. He wears a tuxedo, a bow tie, and a bowler hat. Duprey isn’t in the classic hat Frank wears. Perhaps he still wants to have some originality.

Brian performs with a live orchestra behind him. It adds more depth to the Sinatra experience, giving us music with the same feel like the one it strives to emulate. All in all, Brian helps take us back to the 20th century with grace and talent.

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