Dog’s heart-melting response to new baby brother is making people emotional

Meeting a family member for the first time is always a special moment, particularly if that new member is a baby! People are almost always eager to meet the little ones, but this is true for dogs as well.

This video, entitled “Chloe meets Cody,” is an excellent example of this. The video begins in a bedroom, with mom over to one side and baby Cody lying in a tiny bed in the middle of the room.

Almost immediately, the door opens, and we see Chloe appear. It’s good that she’s on a leash, or she might squish tiny Cody with excitement! She practically pulls her smiling owner over to the baby, who’s still relaxing in his little bed.

Fighting for traction against the wooden floor, Chloe gets grip and makes her move once she crosses the rug: she goes in for her first “hello”! It’s obvious she’s not quite sure how to react, but she definitely wants to get a better look!

Chloe seems absolutely enamored by little Cody, giving him plenty of sniffs and never breaking eye contact. While receiving plenty of pets herself, Chloe decides to shower Cody with kisses, ensuring the tiny guy is extra clean.

She bounces back and forth between giving and getting attention as her owners watch the adorable interaction unfold in front of their eyes. Thankfully, Cody is a good sport and doesn’t seem to mind the extra attention!

This home video is the perfect example of a happy home, with Cody relaxing, Chloe bouncing up and down, & the owners obviously overjoyed at the tiny gathering. So wholesome!

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