The voice of Lithuanian Goda’s angel return, The Voice in Norway: making the audience fall in love, in tears

Although Eurovision moods are prevalent in Lithuania at the moment, they are overshadowed by the incredibly beautiful voice of Lithuanian Goda Levickaitė in Norway. The girl participated in the country’s musical project “The Voice” with the song “Wicked games”. And she instantly captivated all four members of the commission because they immediately turned away when they heard the voice.

“Fantasy”, “She is amazing” – such compliments from the members of the commission after the girl’s performance. She was first admired by the well-known Norwegian singer Ina Wroldsen, and was soon followed by other members of the commission, who pressed a button one after the other.

Moreover, it was possible to see the emotions of the people who watched her – they cried and reacted very sensitively to God’s performance.

The video, released just a few days ago, has already reached nearly 70,000. views.

And it seems that the girl was fascinated not only by the spectators sitting at the TV screens or by relatives who supported her in the hall, but also by the internet users. These girls did not spare any kind of compliments.

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