Angelina Jordan’s arrival at Norway’s Got Talent wowed everyone with a performance of “Billie Holiday’s classic Gloomy Sunday”.

The cute young singer won a standing ovation after her incredible rendition of the jazz classic on the show.

Angelina, who has been taking singing lessons for four years, told a Norwegian television station that she ‘understood [the song] very well’.

The little girl stepped onto the show’s stage with a mouthful of missing teeth, yet she crooned the jazz classic with the maturity and wisdom of an old soul. Moved by Astar’s mighty voice, several of the audience members broke into tears, reports 9 News. The child star received a standing ovation from the crowd and was sent on to the next round of competition.

The tiny jazz lover told the judges she selected the song after happening upon it during a YouTube search.

Angelina Jordan Astar astounded judges on Norway’s Got Talent with her pitch perfect cover of “Billie Holiday’s Gloomy Sunday”

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