Golden Years, Golden Buzzer: Seniors win Britain’s Got Talent .

BGT, or Britain’s Got Talent, is a variety show that allows talented individuals to showcase their talent. The best part is that they recently developed an episode that allowed citizens of all age groups to participate.

The contestants participate in front of a live audience to win prize money of £250,000. The first group of people who melted several hearts was The Zimmers. The 4 judges of the show, Simon, Carmen, Alesha, & David, look baffled by the group of seniors (age range 66 – 88 years).

The senior vocalists, Alf Carretta, and others take time to settle themselves onstage. This makes Simon ask them if they are ready for the performance. However, the crowd is already enjoying the show even before they begin.

The Zimmers start their performance with Jackie Deshannon’s 1965 classic, “What the World Needs Now is Love.” But soon, they change the song to the 80s hip-hop track by the Beastie Boys, “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!).” Everyone in the auditorium enjoys their performance and bursts out laughing.

Next comes Christine Leeworthy, also known as Crissy Lee, a 75-year-old retired personnel and a passionate drummer. Her performance is only revealed after the curtains onstage come off during the audition. She performs several songs, such as “We Will Rock You” by Queen, “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” by Aerosmith, and “The Final Countdown” by Europe.

The next contestant is Kenny Petrie, a 64-year-old company director & guitarist. He began his audition by opening the case he had placed on the ground. However, he soon surprises the judges when he performs a heavy metal song on his electric guitar.

Barry Newton, an 82-year-old rapper, chooses to perform a rendition of STORMZY’s “SHUT UP,” which even included his swearing on stage. The crowd enjoyed the light-hearted performance. Simon’s face said it all. He just loved Newton’s adorable performance. He advanced to the next round but unfortunately didn’t reach the semi-finals.

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