This Guy’s Dance Tribute to 60s Funk Goes Insanely Viral

These days, we have entered a new internet reality where there is no way to predict which video, meme, or Facebook post will go viral or for what reason.

In one of the latest gems, a short, husky man in a bowler hat decides to show a crowd at a 2018 dance battle what 70s funk was good for. It was good for dancing. The man’s name is Valentino, and he was a judge for the contest. He decided to energize the crowd with his dynamic dance moves.

The song Valentino chooses is a lively mid-tempo number, with a brass section band. Once the music kicks in, he gets down to business. He starts with some basic strutting during the song’s intro. As the music speeds up,  he begins to speed up and use his arms and legs to match the song’s rhythm and attitude.

With the crowd waking up, Valentino starts by doing a few basic kicks and spins. Once everyone gets into it, showing their enthusiasm with claps and cheers, he starts spinning his arms and clapping his hands, with blinding speed, in perfect time to the music.

The crowd seems to energize the judge as much as he does the group. He skips, hops, and marches around the dance floor. When the music pauses briefly, so does he. It is not clear if Valentino rehearsed his dance or if it was off the cuff. Either way, it is an impressive show.

What makes it even better is that Valentino appears to be having the time of his life. The crowd is, too, which is probably the whole point. They never stop cheering him on and watching his every move as he darts around with surprising speed. It is a mesmerizing performance, for the battle crowd and video viewers.

Of course, Valentino did not just fall out of the ceiling with a dance routine ready to go. A skill like his takes years to develop. Funk, as a genre, is built around dancing. Funk musicians use the downbeat or first note in a measure, to emphasize the groove.

This approach makes for a sound that lends itself to movement instead of passive listening. There are also many breaks in funk, where the drums come to the forefront. You can see Valentino stopping and starting back several times to keep up with the cracks in the song.

Knowing a little about funk music and dance styles help viewers find a greater appreciation of Valentino’s performance. But it takes no special knowledge to enjoy and have fun watching. Anywhere that has a dance floor, sound system, and the audience can be the scene of a memorable performance.”

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