The Voice Kids: Vivienne in the Sing-Offs: “Seven Nation Army”

15-year-old Viviennes succeeds in what she could hardly have dreamed of: She dropped out of the competition in the “Sing-Offs” round of the popular vocal show “The Voice Kids.”

Vivienne’s biggest wish came true even before she made her first appearance at “The Voice Kids” in 2021: She was invited by her amazing idol Samu Haber to a blind session! Now, her streak of luck continues, and Vivienne wowed coaches in the knockout stages with a soulful version of The White Stripes’ hit “Seven Nation Army.”

Viviennes made it to the finals with the song “Seven Nation Army” from “The White Stripes” in the so-call

ed “Sing-Offs”. There, she’ll make three appearances tonight: She’ll open the show alongside eleven other finalists and pop singer Mark Forster. The show also featured a solo song and a team performance with coach Alvaro Soler.

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