14-year-old Flori wows judges with her incredible voice in rendition of “Stone cold” song

The subject chosen by Flori for the blind auditions of the telecinco program has been Stone Cold by the artist known for participating in Disney, Demi Lovato.

Flori comes from Almonte in the province of Huelva (Spain). For her, the perfect place for her is a very high stage and with many people applauding her and chanting her name. That is why she is working to reach that goal that she has set for herself. She is very nervous because being on the stage of La Voz Kids 4 is something unique that only happens once. For her, the stage is hers, her second home because singing is hers, her gift and it will always be part of her.

She is 14 years old and 5 years ago she came from Romania thanks to her parents who did everything possible for her to sing. That is why for Flori her family is the greatest thing and she works hard for it.

As soon as he starts singing Antonio Orozco blurted out: This is it, by God. Melendi was also surprised but it was Antonio who turned around to hear the unique and original powerful voice of Flori. The coach who chose Flori, was standing listening to her in the front row of the stage completely and absolutely surprised.

This is how Flori to the song Stone Cold in the blind auditions of La Voz Kids

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