The two teenagers absolutely ace their cover of ‘Bang Bang’ by Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

 These two teens didn’t do great in their solo auditions. But when Simon paired them up, their performance was electric!

What happened next? Simon stopped both their performances midway. While Cowell thought it was a poor song choice for Aaliyah, he took Acacia backstage to talk to her in private. He convinced the two to audition together. Simon Cowell pairs up them and shocks the audience with their comeback.

Fourteen-year-old Aaliyah Robinson and fifteen-year-old Acacia K. are two talented teen singers. Both girls auditioned for the British X Factor in September 2018, but unfortunately, neither of their initial auditions showed off their talent.

Simon Cowell stopped Aaliyah halfway through, and he told her that the song wasn’t right for her. He said she should practice another song and come back later in the auditions.Go away come back blow us away and have your moment,” judge Robbie Williams told her.

Even though Acacia was a strong singer, Simon ended her audition early too. This decision confused The X Factor audience. But then, Simon left his seat and headed backstage. That’s when the audience and the other judges realized he had a plan.

The girls paired up and performed “Bang Bang” by Jessie J. and Ariana Grande. The song was a huge hit! Aaliyah sang her heart out, and Acacia did an incredible job performing the rap portion of the song.

Aaliyah and Acacia had a few more bumps in the road as they continued in the X Factor competition.In the end, Aaliyah and Acacia won fourth place in the competition. Since X Factor ended, the duo have been performing together through the UK and the US.

 ‘BANG Bang’ Two strangers who only met for an hour but auditioned on ‘The X Factor UK’ CAN’T BE BETTER THAN

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