Favorite candidate Alicia Awa Beissert touched the judges and received a golden CD with the song “Stay”

She came, sang – and immediately impressed the jury! The fact that Alicia-Awa takes part in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” is not a matter of course. She was formally blackmailed by her mother to prove her skills.

“I’m here today because of this beautiful woman. We had a deal,” Alicia-Awa explains, looking at her mother. The 21-year-old has been an enthusiastic singer for years. But so far she has never gone to the DSDS castings. The reason: “She’s just lazy,” her mom knows. That is why it was she who registered her daughter for the 16th season of the RTL show. So that Alicia-Awa would really appear before the jury, she thought about something and threatened her: “If you don’t go there, then you have to see how you can cope on your own now.”

For Alicia-Awa, it was quickly clear: she goes to the casting and finally faces the DSDS jury. When Dieter Bohlen & Co. hear about the blackmail, they can hardly believe it and want to get to know Alicia-Awa’s mother. “Would you really have kicked her out?” Asks chief juror Bohlen. “I would have, yes,” said the West African.

When the Bochum woman sings “Stay” by Rihanna, the jury was immediately taken care of. Xavier Naidoo can’t hold back his tears. “I’m glad I have my sunglasses on. I’m still a little attacked,” he admits. And Dieter Bohlen also goes into raptures after Alicia-Awa’s performance: “It’s all ultimate! With you everything is right. The only thing that stands in your way is perhaps the envy of other people. You are really a bomb.”

Oana Nechiti, on the other hand, doesn’t say a lot. She courageously reaches under the jury’s desk and pulls out the “Golden CD”, which secures the singer a direct place in the international recall in Thailand. “For me she is the perfect DSDS candidate,” said the professional dancer.

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