Emotional Lionel Richie is overwhelmed as contestant sings his hit song

During ‘American Idol,’ singer Olivia Soli receives the highest praise from judge Lionel Richie. Olivia decided to sing one of Lionel’s hit songs, and the judge was blown away by the rendition.

Olivia Soli stands in a white audition room. The judges ask her what she plans to audition with, and she says, “Hello.” Lionel gets excited because it’s his old song.

Lionel says, “Well, well, well, I’m excited.” Olivia says, “I am nervous.” Lionel smiles warmly and jokes, “Now I’m nervous.” The room gets quiet as Olivia begins.

She plays a white grand piano and sings with a fantastic soft voice while hitting beautiful runs throughout. Judge Katy Perry leans over to Lionel mid-song to say, “She’s coming for your job.”

Olivia continues singing, and Lionel mimics hitting a homerun because he can’t believe how good she sounds. In the end, Olivia hits a long high note, and Lionel stands up and claps for her.

Lionel says, “I want to be the first in your long career to rush the artist.” He runs up to hug her with a big smile on his face. The two singers embrace.

Lionel says when people say they will sing one of the judges’ songs, he doesn’t want them to sing it exactly like they did it. He wants them to make it their own, and that’s exactly what Olivia did. Katy says, “You put Lionel Richie out of a job, girl.”

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